Monreale surroundings

Distant from Palermo only five minutes by car, Monreale is an ideal location to visit all the numberless beautiful places all around, in a peaceful citadel far from the hurly of the city. Going to San Martino delle Scale, a mountain above Monreale, it’s possible to visit an abbey of XIV century and a castle of XII century.



Chief town and the biggest city of Sicily, Palermo was founded from Phoenicians during the VIII century b.C. Its historic center, one of the biggest in Europe, has many artistic and architectonic masterpieces, testimony of many cultures that dominated Sicily during all its History.

San Martino delle Scale

San Martino delle Scale is engirded by pine tree woods. Here there is the homonym abbey, founded in 1347 from Blessed Angelo Sinisio. In the crown of Caputo mount there is the “castellaccio”, stronghold built on XII century by William II of Sicily, to control all the transit of Saracen rebellious.