Built by William II of Sicily, called “The Good”, during XII century, Monreale is one of the most important tribute of Norman domination in Sicily. The Dome is a mixture between luxuries of northern architecture and the strong Arabian component due to workmen of old domination. This is one of the most important and visited monument in Italy, and it is constituted by the Dome titled to Santa Maria Nuova, by a beautiful cloister of XII century, and by the convent of black monks.


The Dome

Awesome basilica with three naves, the Dome is a masterpiece of Arabian Norman architecture. Walls are entirely decorated with polychromic mosaics with golden, byzantine aged backdrop. There are wonderful external apsides, with precious Arabian interlacements of arches. Inside there is one of the biggest organ in Europe.

The Cloister

Abreast of the Dome, the Cloister of black monks convent is a real oasis of peace, beautiful example of byzantine architecture. Between four sides of the Cloister there is an arcade with ogival arches on binate columns ornate with mosaics. On the southern angle there is a beautiful fountain.